5 Things Successful Business People Do on the Weekend

While business owners are successful for a variety of reasons, there are bound to be some common denominators in how they lead their lives.  Contrary to popular belief, to be successful, you don’t have to work 24/7/365. In fact, the most successful people know that in order to be successful, your life needs to incorporate more than just your word. Follow in the footsteps of successful business people by trying these tips this weekend.


Successful people use the weekends to think about their company’s direction and not the day-to-day projects. They unplug their devices and let their minds recharge before Monday morning arrives. Of course, for most successful people, taking the whole weekend without looking at their phone is a bit unrealistic, but even a walk or run without your phone can be liberating. Others suggest creating your own “Cell-Sabbath,” like Saturday night to Sunday afternoon, where you cannot be reached.

Make time for family and friends

During the week, it can be difficult to fit in quality time with friends and family. Successful people understand that relationships outside of work are essential to being happy and improving their quality of life. Reconnect in a new way with friends or family by asking them how their weeks went, what your kids learned in school, or if there’s anything you can do for your family that weekend.


A healthy body can lead to a healthier, sharper mind, so most successful people incorporate some type of workout into their weekends. Taking a bike ride can be a great way to clear your mind, or you can make it into a group exercise since bike riding tends to be something most people can do. Call a few of your colleagues that you admire and try to get a group together to take a weekly ride. The ride will fuel your body, spirit, and mind.

Get away

If you’re cooped up in an office all week, getting away for a weekend can have a rejuvenating effect. Just make sure that the trip involves little planning and logistics. Rushing to catch a flight or booking several legs of travel will add additional stress. Think “jump in the car” trips that require little planning.  What’s happening in the next town over?


Successful people network everywhere they go. They chat up the person waiting beside them at Starbucks. They introduce themselves to people in the grocery line. Networking isn’t bound to fundraisers, mixers, or seminars for them. While no stranger wants to hear a sales pitch, don’t be afraid to simply introduce yourself and see where the conversation leads.

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Source:   Sunbelt Business Brokers