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Business Brokers: Who They Are, What They Do and Why You Should Consider Using One

Selling a business can be a stressful experience. Like selling a home, your business has been a great investment of not just your money, but time and hard work as well. There are many reasons you may decide to sell your business, but whatever the reason, understanding how the process will work and having an Intermediary on your side can make the process move more smoothly and reduce stress.

Who are Business Brokers?

Any entrepreneur will tell you that your business is your baby. They worked hard to build a business, but it may be time to retire and / or take up other activities and you want to sell your business. So how do you do that? Intermediaries can be the bridge that moves a company from one owner to another. A Business Intermediary works as an intermediary between you (the seller) and the potential buyer.

What do Business Brokers do?

Business Intermediaries are typically involved in the process from day one to transaction closing, ensuring a smooth process for all parties involved. Before the sale process even begins, an Intermediary can help you determine the most reasonable sale price through a formal valuation of your business and create a document intended to describe the business to potential buyers better known as CIM - Confidential Information Memorandum .

Through their network of contacts, companies in the brokerage business can identify qualified buyers and work with them and the seller to find the right offer to sell the business.

While Intermediaries work to evaluate the potential buyer, they also work directly with the owners to transition the business to the new owner in the best way possible for all parties. An Intermediary will help facilitate due diligence, including financial, production and management audits, among others.

Like a real estate agent, Intermediaries are typically paid a commission when the deal is closed.

Should You Use an Intermediary to Sell Your Business?

If you are like most entrepreneurs and spend most of your time thinking, working, and investing in your business, you may want to consider using a Business Intermediary to facilitate the sale of your business. The approach Intermediaries take when selling a business will allow you to continue to focus on your business while the Intermediary takes care of the rest.

Deciding to sell your business is a big decision. Whether you plan to sell it in the future or the sale is a necessary step, Business Intermediaries can help you take some of the stress out of selling your business and make the whole process that much more enjoyable. By dealing with an experienced Broker, you can be sure that your business will sell to a qualified buyer without much effort on your part and at a better price. So if you want to maximize the chances of selling your business at a better price, consider having a Business Intermediary help you through the process. The benefits of having their expertise and support will outweigh the fees of an Intermediary. Remember, like everything in business, the phrase "shoemaker to your shoe" applies here. Don't leave money on the table doing it alone, when this is not your area of ​​expertise.

If you have more questions about what a Business Intermediary can do for you, one of our Business Intermediaries at Sunbelt Central America can give you even more information about the process and how we can help you!  Contact us!

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