How does my business prosper
without my involvement?

Having a business that does not depend on its owner is the best asset you can have, with this you ensure that the company subsists and grows in the long term.

Some entrepreneurs are focused on growing their profits, others are obsessed with reaching sales goals, but ...

Have you made it your main objective that your business can prosper without your direct involvement?



Making your business independent of you has huge benefits. It will allow you to create and grow your business, and at the same time enjoy your private life.

Your business will be prepared to scale because it will not depend on you, which at some point can become a bottleneck, limiting its growth. The best thing about this will be that you will build a valuable business for a buyer if you decide to sell one day.

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Working together with a Certified Advisor in the Value Builder methodology, you can ensure the success of your company without your involvement by implementing the following strategies:

  • Define the objectives of the operation and share the results with your team
  • Identify the products and services that allow you to scale your business
  • Create recurring revenue models, meeting the regular needs of your customers
  • Systematize the processes so that your employees can have the necessary tools to properly develop their work


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