How to sell your business?


  • You want to sell your business and don't know where to start
  • One of the partners of in the company wants to withdraw from it and you do not know how much are his shares worth
  • You want to sell your business and do not know how much to ask for it
  • You have been made an offer to buy your company and you don't know if the offer is good or bad
  • A personal situation does not allow you to continue with your business and you do not know what to do


If you find yourself in any of these situations, we can help you. Contact Us.

Sunbelt advises and supports business owners looking to sell their companies in setting a price, identifying potential buyers, facilitating negotiations and closing the deal.

We help business owners in the selling process such that he can concentrate on the daily operation of the company without distractions during the sales process. It is imperative that during the sales process, the business owner is focused more than ever on producing positive results for his business.



Our processes are designed to work in conjunction with attorneys, tax advisors, public accountants, and other professionals.

Working as a team, where Sunbelt Central America takes the lead in coordinating all those involved, we provide our clients with the peace of mind that the process of selling their company will be carried out in a structured and confidential manner by experts in the field.

Our goal is to obtain the best selling price for the business for our clients.


Sunbelt Central America is part of the Sunbelt Business Brokers network, the network of Business Advisors with the largest number of transactions for the sale of companies worldwide.


Our Process to
Sell Your Company

Initial conversation with a Sunbelt professional

  • Discuss goals, objectives and motivation to sell your company
  • Discuss generalities of the market, your ideas and objectives about the potential sale

Preliminary information about the company

  • You will fill out a questionnaire with basic information about the business, which allows us to make a preliminary analysis of its current situation and define how we can help you meet your objectives (Example: Is the business salable at this time?)

Face-to-face meeting to define next steps

  • Discuss the services provided by Sunbelt
  • Discuss the benefits of doing a business valuation and the requirements to carry out such an appraisal

Business valuation

  • Provide Sunbelt with the necessary information to assess the company
  • Sunbelt will work to produce a “Company's Most Probable Selling Price” (MPSP)

Meeting to discuss the results of the assessment and decision-making regarding continuing with the sale process

  • Agree and document the price you want to obtain for the sale of the company
  • Formalize the relationship and sign the documents for Sunbelt to represent you

Preparation of the Business Profile (Confidential Business Review - CBR) by Sunbelt

  • The business profile is a document that serves to present the company to potential buyers and that includes among others:
    • Details of the historical financial performance, business model, attributes and general description of the company
    • Identification of business growth opportunities

Confidential business promotion

  • Development and agreement of the strategy to market the business
  • Confidentiality strategy
  • Normal business operation while Sunbelt promotes it

Identification of potential buyers

  • Obtaining confidentiality agreements by potential buyers
  • Interview and evaluation of potential buyers
  • Coordination of visits to the business location (if applicable)

Negotiating an acceptable offer

  • Get offers from interested buyers
  • Identify acceptable offers and facilitate negotiations
  • Initial deposit requirement to the interested buyer (when applicable)

Due diligence on the part of the potential buyer

  • It is the process during which the potential buyer reviews and validates all the information that was provided by the seller, making sure that indeed what he is buying is what was offered as part of the information in the business profile
  • Sunbelt will support you by generating responses to the buyer's requirements, facilitating the flow of information and coordinating the different parties involved.

Preparation for closing the transaction

  • Support in the negotiations to finalize the transaction
  • Coordination of the lawyers in the preparation of the documents of the sale and purchase agreement
  • Support in the review of the final documents for the closing
  • Support in the resolution of potential contingencies or disagreements and third party financing


  • Development of the communication plan to employees and third parties involved
  • Signature of documents, payment and transfer of funds from buyer to seller
  • Agree next steps for the transition of business from seller to buyer


The valuation has a cost equal to a one time payment that will depend on the size and complexity of the company.

In addition, Sunbelt will charge a fixed monthly amount (Retainer Fee), which may vary depending on the size of the transaction during the period of the sale and finally a "success fee" equal to a percentage of the sale price of the transaction (enterprise value).

If you want professional and personalized support during the sale process of your company? We can help you.

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