Should you buy a business with declining profits?

Should you buy a business with declining profits? Should you buy a business that appears to be on the decline? While there’s no easy answer to any business purchase, you shouldn’t necessarily run away from purchasing a business whose profits have been declining. Sometimes, a fresh perspective can resurrect a company and even make it more successful than ever. Major chains like Arby’s have seen a turnaround over the past few years, thanks to a number of changes to operations, marketing, and their product line.  The point is: there’s usually a chance for a business to be reborn. You just need to have the right solution and the right funding.

First, you should really try to pinpoint why sales have been declining. Are the owners just worn out? This often happens if the owners are aging; they lose the stamina that the business took to run. Or perhaps they’ve gone through a life change, like having a baby or sending their last child off to college. Even though the business idea is successful, they may just not have their heart in its operation anymore. Have they faced issues with advancing technology? Some owners – and staff – can have a hard time adapting to the latest technology trends, which unfortunately can put them behind both operationally and among their customers’ expectations. For instance, some businesses have avoided going mobile – even though millions of shoppers now purchase products or services via their phone on a daily basis.

Perhaps it’s a culture issue within the company. Have they hired a slate of new Gen Y employees lately? Managing across generations takes research, change, and perspective, something that an owner who refuses to adapt can have a hard time accepting. Their staff’s dedication and motivation may be lacking.

Just because a business is going for cheap, though, doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s a good buy. All of these issues require critical problem-solving skills, and if you’ve never managed a culture change of this magnitude before, it may be over your head. Even if you have, you’ll need the resources to fund any critical changes, like a rebranding, market research, employee incentives, or even technology upgrades.

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Source:  Sunbelt Business Brokers