Do I have a job or a company?


The answer to this question lies in a simple question: ¿Would someone else be interested in buying your company?

Whether or not you want to sell your business, you need to ensure that you are building a valuable and attractive asset for an investor. Otherwise, you have created a job and not a company.



Here are eight key differences that are the basis of our Value Builder Methodology where step by step you can build a company and not a job:


A job requires you to be present in order to earn money. A company will generate income regardless of whether you are present or not.

If your company is highly dependent on a single customer to the point that the customer orders you when to provide the product or service, your company is more like a job than a valuable business.


In a job, your personal reputation has a direct impact on your results. In a business, the brand or company name is more important than the name of the owner.

A job requires you to use your personal experience to get results. In a company, it is a process, not a person, that consistently produces the desired result.

In a job you would be fired for taking too many vacations. A business becomes more valuable to the extent that you can take more vacations without impacting business results.

In a job, the harder the effort, the more money you get. In a company, a good strategic plan will make you earn more money.

In a job, you solve problems. If you own a business, your employees solve problems.

If most of your customers know your cell phone number, chances are you have a job and not a business.



If after these differences you are still not sure if you have a job or a company, it is time to clarify your situation.

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